Philippine College of Geriatric Medicine Inc.
Vision and Mission


    The PCGM, a world class
    organization of Geriatricians,
    influencing policy and setting the
    standards in Geriatric education,
    training and practice; partnering with
    and caring for older persons in their
    unique environment.


  • To form an organization that will enhance
    and promote the subspecialty of geriatric
    medicine to help the Filipino older person
    to achieve her/his maximum potential and
    quality of life;
  • To establish and maintain, through self-
    discipline, high professional standards
    and promote the study and knowledge of
    the subspecialty through publications,
    meetings, seminars, symposia and other
  • To provide a continuing program of
    professional education for its members;
  • To provide a program of continuing
    education for other members of the
    interdisciplinary geriatric care team, in
    cooperation with the Philippine Society of
    Geriatrics and Gerontology;
  • To provide leadership in undergraduate
    and postgraduate education in geriatric
    medicine and maintain administrative
    facilities to achieve these goals;
  • To administer a certifying examination in
    the subspecialty of geriatric medicine thru
    the Philippine Board of Geriatric
  • To accredit training institutions in the
  • To assist institutions of higher learning
    and healthcare institutions in identifying
    and developing healthcare sites for
    training in the subspecialty;
  • To advocate the concerns of the Filipino
    older person and the interdisciplinary
    geriatric care team to the government and
    non-governmental organizations, and
    influence health policy development
    affecting the same, in cooperation with
    the Philippine Society of Geriatrics and
    Gerontology; and
  • To do such other acts and activities as
    may be necessary for the
    accomplishment of its purposes.

    PCP Vision

    A world class organization of physicians that sets the
    highest standards and ethical ideals in the practice of
    Internal Medicine and provides dynamic leadership in
    the promotion of health and quality of life in the
    management of disease and in the formulation of
    relevant health policies.

    PCP Mission

    To lead in setting the highest standards in medical
    diagnosis, treatment, prevention and service in the
    Philippines by:

    * - Providing Continuing Medical Education and
    training of its present and future members and staff
    * - Providing an environment that promotes ethical,
    high-quality and cost-effective medical care
    * - Providing stimulus, advice and incentive for
    research and publication
    * - Providing timely communication and advice to
    health agencies, governmental and non-governmental
    * - Being the leading resource of education and
    information to all internists
    * - Being responsive to the changing environment
    * - Putting a premium on excellence, competence and
    * - Putting service above gain